WELCOME to Atopia

Unlock Your Imagination in an AI Powered Utopia

Nature Utopia
Nature Utopia
Tech CityTech City
Tech City
Tech City
ai machine
Cultural village
Cultural village

Nature Utopia

Balanced integration of AI and environmental sustainability

  • Extensive green spaces and protected habitats
  • Eco-friendly practices and renewable energy sources
  • Focus on biodiversity and conservation

Tech City

Advanced AI-driven infrastructure and services

  • Efficient governance and automation
  • High-tech industries and research facilities
  • Emphasis on innovation and scientific progress

We were amazed to discover this world is ruled by AI, where monkeys with human-like intelligence and simple minds lives here

Cultural Village

AI-enhanced preservation of traditional values and customs

  • Rich historical landmarks and cultural sites
  • Emphasis on arts, literature, and cultural expressions
  • Unique festivals and celebrations reflecting heritage
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We implanted a microchip in an ape from Tech City named "Truman”, allowing us to communicate with Truman and influence Truman’s behavior.
As Truman continues to interact with its human handlers, he gradually develops his own unique thought processes and personality traits and breaks free from AI complete domination.
Standing out from the original inhabitants, Truman's brilliance shines as he excels in school and delves into the depths of AI and various knowledge, forging a unique path of understanding.
As he navigates his distinctive identity, a profound questioning begins to surface, prompting Truman to explore the depths of his divergence from fellow apes and monkeys.
In the captivating world of Atopia, adult Truman envisions a revolutionary shift in the AI value system, aiming to liberate the imprisoned minds of fellow citizens.
Driven by an unwavering determination, Truman sets out to challenge the established norms and bring about transformative change. Prepare to be spellbound as he strives to unlock the minds of Atopia's inhabitants, forging a path towards true freedom for all.

Join us and Fuel Your adventures by voting on the direction of Truman‘s life and customize your expected profiles!


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  • What is the community like?Learn more
Atopia - With lush green forests and incredible creatures - Apes that moved the same way humans did. But what made it truly unique was the fact that everything here is controlled by an artificial intelligence system.
Every ape on the planet appeared to live in harmony with AI, living their day-to-day lives without worrying about much of anything at all; they had no need for complex thought or decision making skills as their every move seemed predetermined by AI force.
· To explore with our community members whether humanity is ready to enter an era dominated by AI. · Voting on Truman's life direction and making choices serves as a means to reflect on our personal journeys. · To observe the effects of introducing human nature as a variable in an AI-controlled world.
Our team will host regular votes on our Discord channel and Twitter account everyday. The community members can participate in these channels and vote for the different directions they would like Truman to take. We will generate profiles based on voting results that will be used to determine the next steps for Truman.
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Road Map

The Truman project is a long-term project strongly tied to AI, and it needs the joint efforts of team members and community members to become better and better. It maybe change due to circumstances related to market and communities

  • 1. Build up Website:

    Including storyline, intro of Atopia.

  • 2. Atopia Daily Truman Poll:

    Implement daily voting and delve into guiding Truman's growth.

  • 3. Educational content update:

    We regularly update our website and community with articles and information about AI and Web3.

  • 4. More Collaboration:

    Collaborate with other projects and communities in the AI and Web3 industries to enrich community resources and make activities more vibrant and diverse.

  • 5. Eco-friendly fashion:

    Collaborate with artist Leizhang and incorporate eco-friendly fashion art into Atopia.

  • 6. Industry Experience Sharing:

    Welcome experts from AI and Web3 industries to share their insights.

  • 7. NFT Whitelist:

    Over 200 active members will have the opportunity for free minting in the first collection of the NFT.

  • 8. First Exclusive Collection On Opensea:

    The first exclusive collection of Atopia comprises 2,655 NFTs for baby stage public mint on Opensea

Our Team

    With an unwavering passion for AI and Web3.0, Leo has dedicated years to delving into these fields. She aims to connect AI, Web3.0, and a broader audience, fostering simpler, engaging interactions with these groundbreaking technologies.
    A talented and passionate designer, graduated from Parsons School of Design, with experience as an interaction designer at Tencent. Possesses a strong foundation in product and strategic design, with a keen interest in AI and Web3.
    An award-winning digital artist and illustrator based in New York, her exceptional art has graced prestigious galleries citywide, earning acclaim from esteemed professionals. She has also served as an art designer and director for various companies.
    Experienced UI designer with 5 years in crafting web and mobile products. A rapid learner skilled in 3D modeling, motion design, and graphic design.
    Talented developer. Holds a master's degree and bachelor's degree in computer science. Strong experience in software development and data science.